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Family mediation is where an independent professionally trained mediator helps guide both you and your ex-partner to make informed decisions about the issues that arise from your separation

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What is family mediation?

Family mediation is where an independent professionally trained mediator helps guide both you and your ex-partner to make informed decisions about the issues that arise from your separation. These often include:

  • Arrangements for the children of the family after your separation.

  • Arrangements regarding your financial circumstances both in the short and long term. 

Our mediators are experienced and are also legally trained. It is important for Mediation that the mediator remains impartial and cannot provide Legal advice.

However, the fact that our mediators are legally trained ensures that the discussions and decisions you reach are based on a full understanding of legal principles and helps you develop a mutually acceptable solution which feels fair to the both of you and your family.

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How does it work?

Mediation can help you stay in control. Decisions will not be made against your wishes and it can reduce the need for Court intervention that can be lengthy, costly and stressful. 

The first stage in the process is to complete a Mediation referral form. (please link this). Upon receipt of the form we will contact both of you for a one on one confidential meeting with one of our Mediators. These take place separately and we will help you decide if Mediation is a suitable process to help resolve the issue. 

A court will expect you to have attended a meeting with the Mediator before Court Proceedings are issued. If you do not do this then your application may well be refused at the outset. Our Mediators are able to sign the appropriate paperwork for the Court following your engagement with the initial meeting. 

Mediation will only commence if you both decide to take part. It is voluntary and not imposed upon either of you. If you do decide to continue with the process following the initial assessment meeting, joint appointments will be arranged. 

These meetings can be together in the same room, or if you would be more comfortable you can remain in separate rooms throughout the process. We would normally expect a session to last between 1-2 hours and to reach a full settlement take between 3-5 sessions. 

At the end of the mediation process your Mediator will provide you with a confidential document setting out the discussions that took place and your proposals for the future.  If the proposals refer to financial matters you will both receive an open financial statement which you can take to a firm of Solicitors to have the document incorporated into a legally binding agreement or a Court Order.

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How does family mediation help?

Family mediation takes place within a confidential and sensitive setting, away from the pressures of Court Proceedings.  

Discussions are conducted in a way that allows both of your views to be heard and considered in a fair and open manner.

Mediation aims to promote communication and cooperation. It allows you to control the decisions affecting your lives and the content and pace of negotiations.  It can be far quicker and cheaper that Court Proceedings and reduces conflict.

The agreements you make can still be changed and be adapted to meet changes in your circumstances. It can be less upsetting and damaging for any children involved and helps them continue important family relationships. 

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What does it cost?

Legal aid is available to mediation clients. We will undertake an assessment of your eligibility at the first meeting. Provided one of you is eligible the first meeting and session will be covered by Legal aid even if one of you would not qualify for legal aid. Thereafter, if you are not eligible for legal aid private costs apply. 

The costs of Mediation are often significantly cheaper than Court proceedings. An initial assessment meeting is charged at £87 plus VAT. A full session is charged at £150 plus VAT per person. 

AIM Mediation is located within the offices of Kieran Clarke Green Solicitors in Chesterfield.

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