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Signing a Contract

Buying or Selling
a Property

Conveyancing Quote Fee Scale: Image

Conveyancing Quote Fee Scale

Conveyancing Quote Fee Scale: Text

What Do My Fees Cover?

Your fees cover all the work required to complete the purchase of your property. For instance, in a purchase we would usually carry out the following work:-

(a)      investigating the title to the property, to include:

(i)       carrying out searches with respect to title and local government information for the property;

(ii)      reviewing replies given by the seller to pre-contract enquiries;

(b)      approving a purchase contract;

(c)      preparing a transfer document;

(d)      advising you in respect of your mortgage offer (please note that many mortgage offers expire after three                           months).  If the date of completion is after the date of expiry of the offer then the mortgage monies will not be            issued and we cannot be held responsible for non-release of funds;

(e)      preparing a report on title;

(f)       proceeding to exchange of contracts and then to completion of the purchase;

(g)      transferring funds by telegraphic transfer to the seller’s solicitors and for relevant taxes;

(h)      calculating Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on the purchase and preparing and submitting to HM Revenue and                 Customs the appropriate SDLT forms; and

(i)       registering the purchase and the mortgage at the Land Registry.

The fees quoted have been calculated on the basis that:-

(a)      the property is currently held under a single freehold title at the Land Registry with no title defects;

(b)      the purchase will be on the basis of an unconditional contract and the property is acquired with vacant possession;

(c)      completion takes place on the date agreed in the contract;

If it becomes apparent that there are unforeseen circumstances in connection with the purchase we may have to increase our charges but, if that is the case, we shall inform you before we incur any additional costs.

Conveyancing Quote Fee Scale: Text
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